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A Masterclass on Digital Leadership

How does your organization adapt to the speed of technological innovation? How does your company turn the potential threat of accelerating technological change into an opportunity to disrupt an industry? What are the business strategies to be leading in digital future? What abilities do organizations and company leaders need to have to solve the challenges we are facing in times of digital transformation? Digital Leaders customized Executive Education Academy is designed to help organizations address these questions and more by tailoring our curriculum to your specific industry or business challenge.

While some executives and senior leaders are focused on meeting near-term business objectives and responding to the immediate demands of running a company, forward thinking companies don’t wait for the future to “just happen”. Digital Leaders evaluate what impact the future may have, decide how to prepare, and actively plan for it. As exponentially accelerating technologies, global grand challenges and evolving organizational models all rapidly change the playing field in every industry, what role will your organization choose to play in creating the future?

Welcome to the Digital Leaders Executive Education Academy

Organizations of all sizes and from all industries and start-ups, joined customized programs at Digital Leaders Executive Education Academy because they want to take an active role in creating the future by rethinking their strategy and developing solutions to solve real problems.

Tailored Digital Leaders Program For Your Company Needs

Our Executive Education Academy is customized and programs are tailored to meet your organization’s needs. The design of our Executive Education Academy is inherently flexible. It can be tailored for any size audience, ranging from a small group of senior leaders up to an entire organization.

Our Executive Education Academy can take place at any location, at a technology hotspot like SiliconValley, New York, Hong Kong, on a private island such as Richard Branson’s Necker Island, at your organization’s headquarters, or any other offsite locations.

We work closely with your team to design a program with your organization’s needs top of mind. The topics are chosen to match your organization’s objectives, goals, interests and industry needs. While most programs range in duration from one to three days, longer and shorter programs can also be developed.

Curating the Program for
the Executive Education Academy

Each Program begins with an introduction and overview by the Digital Leaders Team and an opening keynote speech by Monty C. M. Metzger, showcasing exponential technologies, global tech trends and evolving organizational models. This lays the groundwork for what it means to increase Future Intelligence and become a Digital Leader in an age of accelerating technological change.

Furthermore there will be 4-10 sessions by leading industry experts, thought-leaders and corporate leaders on different topics. The topic areas will be selected depending on the participants.

Contact us to request a customized proposal.

Key topics of our Digital Leaders
Executive Education Academy

The Digital Leaders Team will develop a customized executive academy program for 1-5 days hosted at a private and creative location. In the past years we have been preparing customized programs in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Fourth Industrial Revolution & Digital Transformation:

The technologies changes that are driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution are having a major impact on businesses – across all industries. What is the 4th Industrial Revolution? What are the impacts of this technology future to your business? How to react? What are the leading strategies in an age of the machines – in the digital future?


The impact of digital transformation on the financial industry. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and their underlying technology Blockchain is changing the financial world from the ground up.

Networks and Computing:

The growth of computing performance has fueled the technology revolution. The exponential growth predicted by Gordon Moore has enabled every other technology to explode over the past decades, impacting every part of business from improved analytics to powerful new design tools and communication platforms.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is not just a future possibility, it is here now, and all around us. This session explains what AI is in reality, not the science-fiction image that many people have of the technology.

Robotics and Internet of Things:

A tsunami wave of invention is occurring in robotics, enabled by inexpensive sensors and control systems. We’ll look at how robots have moved out of traditional industrial manufacturing, assembly, and painting jobs, and into hospitals, roads, aerial vehicles, small businesses, and the home.

Digital Biology & Biotech:

Biotechnology is an exploding field. Bio-based innovations to medicine, agriculture, energy, and more, result in potentially world-changing ramifications. We’ll discuss the advances and shifting dynamics in the biotech space today that involve genomic technologies, synthetic biology, systems biology, and personalized medicine.

3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing:

3D printing offers new opportunities for new structures, solutions and business models. It also opens the doors for new innovation we could not previously envision. We’ll touch on the scope of the 3D printing industry, the state of the art, related technologies (scanning, generative modeling, etc.), and specific applications.

Mega Trends in Society:

The implications and opportunities of technological breakthroughs happening now and in the near future will disrupt our lives, businesses/industries, and society. Anew understanding and set of tools are required to stay ahead of the curve, through which we will solve some of the greatest problems facing humanity today. Let’s examine the opportunities to both run a successful business and positively impact lives.

Digital Leadership:

This topic examines how we can position ourselves as global leaders in an exponentially changing world. We’ll further explore the inter-connectedness of industry and people around the world as well as ask the question: How can we create impact on a global scale?

We can scale technology, but our org structures are stubbornly linear. This session presents an emergent set of attributes for exponential organizations and examples of how one can organize for increasingly disruptive change; why companies stuck in outdated business practices and mindsets will struggle to keep up; and how even the most linear companies can prepare for oncoming change.

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