Our offering

We offer an invaluable opportunity to get a huge charge of innovative ideas for business development, growth and new leads generation!

We meet the people behind the most disruptive companies who are shaping the future of digital. Most of them are key decision makers, founders, CEO’s, top level management employees, senior Vice Presidents or other C- Level, at their respective companies. As the Learning Journey are private and customized, the company visit will be intimate and give room for open discussion of strategies, exchange knowledge and talk about possible teamwork or collaboration.


  • Tour to high tech corporate campuses and be inspired by the latest business models, concepts and innovative products.
  • Interact with leaders, managers and entrepreneurs behind the leading companies and fast growing startups who are shaping the future of digital.
  • Talk with them about possible teamwork, partnerships or collaborations to expand your network.

Incubators, Accelerators & Innovation Labs

  • Cultivate an innovator’s culture by learning key strategies and joining creative workshops on site with Entrepreneurs, Investors and Venture Capital Investment Firms.
  • Understand how to develop digital products and how to improve products/services via trial and error.
  • Be loaded with fresh ideas, new mindsets and the disruptor spirit.

Special Hotspots

  • Discover special local highlights on street- level.
  • Try out new technologies at tech stores and showrooms.
  • Visit innovative retail concepts that are disrupting the market.

Our difference

We have been working for more than 16 years with Fortune 500 companies and members of the World Economic Forum headquartered in Europe, Africa, India and Asia. Every time, we exclusively co-create the Executive Learning Journey together with our clients from beginning to the end, providing a 360° support.

Our key and unique elements of a successful tour are:

Your outcome

  • You will establish new business contacts during our private business meetings and networking events with representatives of the most innovative technology companies.

  • You will visit Companies and campuses during our Business trips and first-hand experience the offices of the most successful companies, incubators and accelerators.

  • You will participate in lively Round tables and discussions with industry experts and entrepreneurs where you will share valuable ideas and points of views.

  • You will obtain relevant solutions and insights  and learn how to apply such strategic knowledge into your company, how to create a new company or how to invest in a startup.

  • You will avoid intermediaries, overpayments and commissions both in terms of organizing meetings and in terms of logistics, as we are providing a full-package support.