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Project Description

Explore the fast-growing and geeky blockchain hub in the world:

Zug & Vaduz

Introduced by the invention of Bitcoin in 2009, the ecosystem of cryptographic is thriving at a great pace. From blockchains, cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers to commercial property registries, digital identities, decentralized transaction platforms, secure electronic voting systems. New ground-breaking technologies are emerging that are further empowering new types of digital properties and secure and effective types of exchange of digital assets.

Crypto Valley is an ecosystem which is located in and around the Swiss canton of Zug with operational connections to international hubs in London, Singapore, Silicon Valley, and New York. Due to its business-friendly regulatory framework, huge talent pool, economies of scale, deep pools of capital, start-up support and refined infrastructure, Crypto Valley is quickly transforming into a global capital where emerging cryptographic, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and businesses can grow in a protective, supportive, and resourceful environment. Crypto Valley drives digital innovation, utilizing associations and partnerships with startups, investors, entrepreneurs, corporates, service providers, governmental entities, and educational institutions. The Crypto Valley Academy is the depository of established tutelage frameworks and technical expertise related to blockchain technologies.

Crypto Valley is the home to roughly 600 crypto startups and is attracting many of the leading cryptographic organizations which include Monetas, Xapo, Ethereum, Bitcoin Suisse, ConsenSys, Tezos, and ShapeShift. There is 2 billion CHF worth of investments in companies based in Crypto Valley. 21% of worldwide blockchain investments came to Switzerland in 2017. 3000 jobs were created in the latest years in Crypto Valley. The worth of the 50 most important companies in the Crypto Valley is 44 billion CHF.

Trust, transparency, collaboration, integrity, innovation, quality and security are the Crypto Valley values.