Tristan Kromer

Tristan Kromer

Lean Startup Coach & T-shaped Product Guy


As a lean startup coach and founder of TriKro, Tristan works with teams and leaders to apply lean startup principles and build innovation ecosystems.
Tristan has worked with accelerators and innovation leaders in dozens of countries from Nest’UP in Belgium to Fast)Forward in Palestine. He has worked with companies ranging from early stage startups with zero revenue to established businesses with >$10M USD revenue (Kiva,)JustAnswer,)StumbleUpon) to enterprise companies with >$1B USD revenue. (Swisscom,)Pitney)Bowes, Fujitsu, Pearson, LinkedIn)
With his remaining hours, Tristan volunteers his time with Lean Startup Circle and blogs at

All session by Tristan Kromer

Digital Leaders – Special Cultural Program

12:00 Noon


01:00 PM

Welcome & Opening

02:00 PM

Defining Digital Leadership

02:20 PM

Refreshment Break

04:00 PM

Digital Education

04:30 PM


08:00 AM

Welcome Remarks

08:30 AM

Digital Finance

09:20 AM

Refreshment Break

10:30 AM

Digital Communication

11:00 AM

Lunch Break

12:30 PM

Digital Healthcare

02:00 PM

Refreshment Break

03:30 PM

4th Industrial Revolution

04:00 PM

Closing Remarks

06:00 PM

Digital Leaders Concludes

06:30 PM
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