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Project Description

Explore the worldwide known tech hub in the US East Coast:

New York

Silicon Alley, the Upper Manhattan area in New York, is undisputedly one of the top high-tech hubs that employees hundreds of thousands of tech professionals and is widely acknowledged for its flourished venture fund and entrepreneurship ecosystem. A majority of the tech businesses based in New York are enlisted in the Inc. 5000.

Silicon Alley is certainly a top choice for understanding new disruptive technologies and meeting with leading tech companies, which are listed amongst the top fastest growing companies in the United States. Moreover, the startup ecosystem is New York is very vibrant, considering the presence of many big venture funds, incubators and accelerators, and the city policy to offer affordable housing to entrepreneurs. The commercial opportunities and financial funding of the city have made it possible for the subcategories of the tech market to find their place in the Silicon Alley. That potential has inspired other tech-savvy actors to try their luck with finding growth in the Silicon Alley.

According to the report “The Power of Entrepreneur Networks”, the tech sector of the city has grown considerably over the timeframe of 10 years, and overall venture funding was accelerated up to 240%, which resulted in creating 86% of employment opportunities in the market. In addition, it has resulted in the establishment of more than 2,206 firms along with 336 acquisitions or IPOs in the market!

Businesses and professionals know how important it is to make the right connections and to expand their network. Silicon Valley is simply the ideal place for businesses to see where to start  from when seeking digital innovation and digital transformation.

How does a schedule of an Executive Learning Journey look like?

A Silicon Alley Tour for C-level managers can be organized from one day to up to two weeks. The most common format is 4-5 days (Sunday till Friday) filled with 40+ agenda points plus one additional workshop day for the group on Saturday.

We not only sets up the curated agenda, but also we take care about all logistics such as airport pickups, hotel and accommodation, transport, lunches, private dinners and security pre-check in at the Company visits. The group will be guided by one or two members of our Senior Team.