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Explore the exotic yet extremely advanced tech hub in Africa:

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria & Nairobi

According to the 2017 EY Africa Attractiveness Index, Kenya and South Africa are the most preferred tech hubspots for investments and technological advancements in Africa, being enhanced by great financial and transportation services.  

Kenya has witnessed a number of technological advancement over the latest years, and it has become one of the leading economies in Sub-Saharan African countries. The infrastructure in Kenya supports digital innovation. In fact Kenya is one of the first countries to implement the use of 5G internet technology. The pioneers of Silicon Savannah have taken the initiative to install underground fiber optic cable to support the success of the fastest internet speed in the world. Industry analysts forecast continued growth within Kenya’s ICT market, and increased connectivity is expected to create a number of opportunities in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, agriculture, mining, tourism and wildlife, Internet of things (IoT), AI, cloud solutions and data analytics, mobile enabled video-gaming services and internet based television, Corporate IT solutions and internet security, eLearning solutions and virtual reality simulators particularly in healthcare, drones for good and much more.

Kenya boosts a $1 billion tech ecosystem and it makes open invitations to entrepreneurs willing to travel to Kenya to start their startups. Kenya tech scene has been growing at an exponential rate, especially since  2017, and has been recognised as the most favorable destination for investment and technical advancements after South Africa and Morocco.

South Africa offers pristine infrastructure and affordable working labor to serve the needs of tech businesses. There are currently more than 50 active tech hubs working in South Africa and all of them are willing to provide creative and innovative work with the competitive financial input. There are multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs, businessman and other tech related companies who either want to work there or outsource parts of their business.