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Explore one of the most vibrant startup nation

Customized Executive Learning Journeys to
Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Be’er Sheva

Tel Aviv was ranked the #1 startup ecosystem competing with Silicon Valley. Israeli passion and infrastructure for entrepreneurship and technology innovation are outstanding. Indeed, some of the largest VC funds are based in Israel, investing in startups in the USA and Israel. For example, the JVP funds have raised close to $1 Billion across nine venture capital funds.

In the modern westernized world, it is commonly thought that the majority of the technological advancements take place exclusively in Western Europe and United States. However, Israel has embarked on a journey to become one of the most technologically advanced countries in the Middle Eastern region. Its tech-heads are continuously experimenting with disruptive technologies to escalate technological advancements to a whole new level.

Silicone Wadi is, not only, the home of multinational companies (such as Intel, IMC, Microsoft, IBM and more), but also, one of the top developing countries to feature the establishment of new emerging tech startups. In fact, Israel yields a higher number of startups per capita, compared to other tech hubs!

The economy of Israel is backed up with equitable venture funds, and its proliferated venture capital has played a crucial role in the establishment of the Silicon Wadi. The venture capital of Israel is estimated to be inclusive of nearly 70 active venture funds; however, the venture funds are more likely to escalate up to 220 in the upcoming years. It has also been reported the life sciences sector in the Israeli market yielded nearly $272 million, and it attributed to a 24% increase in the per capita of the market. Also, the software sector amassed up to $258 million with a 23% capital raised in 2010. No explanation why Israel is also called “The Startup Nation”.

Silicon Wadi has experimented with different cutting-edge technologies and has become a leader in cybersecurity, blockchain and robotics.

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How does a schedule of an Executive Learning Journey look like?

A Israel Tours for C-level managers can be organized from one day to up to two weeks. The most common format is 4-5 days (Sunday till Friday) filled with 40+ agenda points plus one additional workshop day for the group on Saturday. The tour covers Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheba.


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We not only sets up the curated agenda, but also we take care about all logistics such as airport pickups, hotel and accommodation, transport, lunches, private dinners and security pre-check in at the Company visits. The group will be guided by one or two members of our Senior Team.