Gerhard Fasol

Entrepreneur at Eurotechnology

Gerhard is entrepreneur and physicist in Tokyo, he founded Eurotechnology-Japan in 1997, worked with many global corporations on business growth and acquisitions in Japan. Customers include SIEMENS, NTT, Deutsche Telekom, European Union, and many o ther global and mid-sized corporations.

He is one of a microscopic number of foreigners on the Board of Directors of a stock market listed Japanese corporation.

Gerhard is Board Director and Member of the Supervisory and Audit Committee of GMO Cloud KK, a global cybersecurity and digital identity services group, based in Tokyo. Since April 2017 Gerhard is, in addition, Guest Professor at the University of Kyu shu , on e o f J ap an’s Imp e ri al Universities, building four new programs.

Gerhard has advised the President of Germany, Horst Köhler, the Energy Minister of Canada, Mr Joe Oliver, the Trade Minister of Sweden, Dr Ewa Björling, and the executive teams of many global corporations about aspects of Japan.

Gerhard graduated with a PhD in Semiconductor Physics from Cambridge University and Trinity College, was Research Fellow, Teaching Fellow and Director of Studies at Trinity College Cambridge, was tenured faculty member at Cambridge University (Cavendish Laboratory), Manager of Hitachi Laboratory Cambridge,

Associate Professor at Tokyo University (Dept of Electrical Engineering) and Leader of a Sakigake research project of the Japanese government on spin electronics.