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At Digital Leaders we are committed to deliver an outstanding experience with very high-level speakers at all sessions, meetings and interactive discussion. Key element of our signature programs are the preparation and curation of each program to create value for the leadership delegation far beyond the physical meeting.

Leading and managing a corporation requires to reflect the status quo, to enable a spirit of innovation and to leverage the opportunities of the future. The goal of the Digital Leaders Executive Management Tours is to understand and analyze emerging technology trends and business innovation.
Innovation, that keeps you ahead of competition. Inspiration, that ignites a spark. Trends, that shape your business.

Since 2003 Digital Leaders has organized customized learning journeys, private Silicon Valley Tours, government delegations, corporate CEO programs and inspiration programs at the leading technology and innovation hot spots such as USA (Silicon Valley, San Francisco or New York), Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa or Be’er Scheva), China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen or Hangzhou), Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan (Tokyo or Kyoto) ,  Europe – Uk (London), France (Paris), Silicon Vikings and Nordics (Copenhagen, Stockholm). Customized and private learning journeys for CxO’s to educate, inspire and create the basis for new projects. Executive manager tours can prepare your company for the digital future while learning secret insights of key digital players in the industry.  The group programs can be part of a learning journey or as a leadership initiative fully focused on key strategic topics for business growth and innovation. We work with companies around the world to tailor signature programs to their specific objectives. These powerful learning experiences support executives understand key technology trends that shape their industry, build high-level business contacts across industries, get insights on key growth strategies and take home an exceptional level of inspiration and momentum.

Katarina Metzger, Managing Director at Digital Leaders.

Get the knowledge needed to outperform the competition.

Digital Leaders is leveraging our network of some of the most influential leaders and close contacts to high-level management to set up this unique leadership experience as a meeting of equals. Our curated programs are highly customised and is focusing on the needs of the management team.We’ve worked with CEO’s, CDO’s or other executives at Fortune 500 companies or other global corporations from USA, Europe, Germany, South Africa, Thailand, India, China and other Asian countries. It’s something we only offer a few times per year, thus we are very selective in the projects we can accept.

Digital Leaders is hosting these exclusive programs on request only and only for Chairman, Board Members, c-level or senior executives of large corporates, government organizations or other senior-level management.

Whether it is initiated by the Chief Digital Officer as part of the Digital Transformation process or as an inventive travel within a employee rewards program for the top performing leaders – the program are different every time, but the take-aways are always unforgettable, motivational and inspirational. We believe that there is now better way to immerse your leadership team in the unique culture of the most successful Silicon Valley companies by discovering the impact of cutting-edge technology innovations on your company.

With almost two decades of experience – the Digital Leaders team has lead many executive tour programs worldwide with high level managers of companies such as Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, Mercedes-Benz, GIZ, WEF, Goldbach Media Group, WPP, SIEMENS, BMW Group, Audi, Volkswagen Group, Fujitsu, Fuji Xerox, 3+ Media Group and Television, Henkel, Vodafone, Allianz, Linde AG, Munich RE, E.ON, Samsung, General Electric, Private and Venture Investors, Family Offices and others.

„The people at Digital Leaders keep their finger on the pulse.
They get how the industry works and, more importantly, have a great sense for where it is headed.“

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Experience the future at its point of origin.

    Experience the latest trends firsthand in USA, Asia or Israel, obtain insights into innovation and strategy gained in discussions with experts. Feel the excitement of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Rethink: How does the fast pace of digital change influence traditional business models and organizations’ success? Meet the visionaries of digital media and discuss the burning questions with decision makers.
  • Disrupt: Who are the disruptors, the makers, thinkers and enablers behind the major media trends? Get a behind the scene look into the most promising startups, fast growing companies and international research centers.
  • Technology Trends: What are the key emerging technology trends and what are the impacts for your business? Reflect the strategies of successful managers and embrace the development in media, technology and communication.
  • Business Models & Strategy: How do business models evolve in the digital age? How to adapt your business strategy to the fast pace of the digital economy? What are the key take aways and learnings for your daily business?

Each Digital Leaders Executive Tour is customized for our clients. Be prepared for a packed program from early morning till late night. Each day comprises several company visits and expert sessions, one or two special location visits, business breakfast- and lunches as well as networking evening events.

High-Impact learning experience tailored to your company

  • Companies: You will be inspired by the latest business models, concepts and innovative products. You will talk to leaders, managers and entrepreneurs behind the leading companies and fast growing startups.
  • Think Tanks, Though Leaders & Experts: You will visit future labs, think tanks and get access to the key-decision makers, innovators and business leaders. You will profit from the insights through a personal discussion.
  • Special Hotspots: You will discover special local highlights on „street- level“: innovative retail concepts, tech stores, local sights and showrooms of future technologies.

Explore the global tech hubs, such as San Francisco Silicon Valley United States, Beijing China or Tel Aviv Israel by touring to high tech corporate campuses, local incubators and innovation labs. Cultivate an innovator’s culture by hands-on learning of key strategies and joining creative workshops on site. Understand how to develop digital products, trial & error, improve and pivot products and services with the goal to generate new new lines of revenue. The leaders participating the management program will be loaded with fresh thinking, a new mindset and the spirit of changing the game in your industry.

Transform Your Executives—and Your Organization

Participants of management tours in the past had been Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, High-Net-Worth Individuals, C-Level Management, Senior Vice Presidents, Owners and Founders as well as Investors. They attended to get insights first-hand and acquire a Silicon Valley mindset. The number of participants ranges from three to twenty five participants. Average tour size is 12 people. Our tours focus on corporate programs initiated by and attended by one company only. Occasionally we hosted special delegation visits for governments, NGOs or corporate associations.

Digital Leaders is connecting CEOs of large enterprises, c-level management of stock-listed companies, Chief Digital Officers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Corporate Managers from Europe and Asia with the American high tech, startup and venture capital executives in Silicon Valley. Mastering the Digital Transformation and challenging the status quo to stay ahead of competition.

Key Elements of a successful Trend Tour.

  • Executive Tour Conception: 
Preparations, Planning, Contacting, Networking, Agenda Setting.
  • Executive Tour Agenda: 
Meetings, Visits, Logistics, Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners
  • Executive Tour Pre-Flight Info: 
Executive Information and Overview
  • Executive Tour Booklet:
 Management booklet as a guide during the tour.
  • Executive Tour: 
Execution, Guidance, Introductions and Explanations.
  • Executive Tour Documentation and Innovation Report: 
Summary, Takeaways, Results, Action Points.

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Silicon Valley Tour

Silicon Valley Management Tour

Which companies to visit during a silicon valley inspiration tour?

We meet the people behind the most disruptive companies who are shaping the future of digital. Most of them are key decision makers, founders, CEO’s, top level management employees, senior Vice Presidents or other C- Level, at their respective companies. As the Executive Programs are private and customized the company visit will be intimate and give room for open discussion of strategies, exchange knowledge and talk about possible teamwork or collaboration. Digital Leaders had been working for Fortune 500 companies and members of the World Economic Forum headquartered in Europe, Africa, India and Asia.

Why Chief Executives are travelling to Silicon Valley?

In the past two decades we have organized customized Silicon Valley Tours for Board Members, Chairman, CEOs, Chief Digital Officers or other c-level executives from a variety of industries. The typical size of our customized programs are 5-20 participants.

We have worked with companies in the media and publishing industry, ICT and technology industry, healthcare and pharma industry, education, manufacturing, investors and family offices as well as oil and gas industry and energy industry. As an example for a client in the alternative energy industry we did educational programs focusing on Solar Power or Electric Car such as Tesla Motors, NIO, Faraday Future. We visited leading companies to learn about new technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, Future of Mobility, Industrial Internet of Things, Future of Banking and Money such as Cryptocurrencies, Crypto Mining, Bitcoin Wallets, Crypto Exchanges, initial coin offerings (ICOs) aka. Token Generation Events (TGE) and the disruptive power of Blockchain Technology.

  • Management Meetings at tech companies and visit to corporate campus: AirBnB, AstroDigital, D.School at Stanford, Dropbox, UBER, Facebook Campus, Apple Headquarters and Apple’s new spaceship campus, NASA Ames Research Center, Google HQ, LinkedIn, SAP’s Hana House in Palo Alto, Singularity University, Salesforce, Slack, Stanford University, Square, Starbucks, Tradeshift, Tesla Motors, Twitter Headquarters, and others
  • StartUp Pitch Sessions and Discussion with Entrepreneurs, Investors and Venture Capital Investment Firms: Andreessen Horowitz, Angellist, First Round Capital, Y-Combinator, 500 StartUps, PlugAndPlay, StartX Accelerator at Stanford University, RockHealth
  • Special Locations, Experts and Thought Leaders: Speech by well-known Serial Entrepreneur, b8ta Future Tech Store Palo Alto, Computer history museum, HP garage, Firesight Talk by Co-Founder at Singularity University, Tesla Factory Tour

How does an schedule of a manager tour look like?

>>> See an example schedule and agenda for a management tour in Silicon Valley <<<

Our CEO Tours and inspiration immersion programs have been organized in San Francisco and Silicon Valley – California, USA. Digital Leaders not only sets up the curated agenda, but also takes care about all logistical issues such as AirPort Pickups, Hotel and Accommodation, transport in the bay area, lunches, private dinners and security pre-checkin at the company visits. The group will be guided by one or two members of our senior team.

silicon valley tech startup ceo tours

Timing and Schedule of a Executive Tour Program

A Silicon Valley Tour for c-level managers can be organized from one day to up to two weeks. What is most common is a Silicon Valley program consisting of 4-5 days (Sunday till Friday) filled with 40+ agenda points plus one additional workshop day for the group on Saturday. The Silicon Valley Tech Tour or CEO Learning Journey takes place in San Francisco, Silicon Valley including Stanford, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino etc.

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Learning Journey Silicon Valley 2018

Early 2018 our team at Digital Leaders curated another Executive Tour ‚Silicon Valley‘ – individually prepared and customized for a c-level leadership team of Africa’s leading corporation in the automotive industry. The goal for the delegation was to understand the latest developments in tech and especially to explore the impact of digital on the financial and mobility industry. – Thanks to all the amazing leaders who shared there knowledge, time and passion to meet with us.

For almost 20 years, our global network and knowledge on digital innovation allow us to address problems that no one else can – delivering customized Learning Journeys and Executive Tour Programs to Silicon Valley and other global technology hubs.

Impressions of our Silicon Valley Executive Tour Program

A few pictures of one of our recent educational tour program and learning journey for executives to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, USA.

Asia Technology Inspiration Tour

China Management Tour

We have been hired to organise customised CEO Delegations to China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Hong Kong), Executive Field Trip and Learning Journeys to South Korea (Seoul) and Management Inspiration Tours to Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto). The focus and program is fully customised for the delegates and their goals. Our program are typically 2 days to up to 6 days long and start from the moment the participants arrive on the airport until they leave again. Our contact persons have 5 to 20 years of industry specific experience on average. Most of them or key decision makers and top level management employees at their respective hosting companies.

  • Management Meetings and Workshops at leading asian tech companies: Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, NTT Docomo, 今日头条 Toutiao – ByteDance Technology, Yahoo Japan, Softbank, KDDI, Huawei, CCTV,China Mobile, Tencent WeChat, Kakao Talk, Samsung HQ, Outblaze, YouKu, RenRen, Didi Chuxing, Xiaomi, HTC Vive, Lianjia, Zhong An Insurance, Ele.me, Ucar Group, TutorGroup, Lufax, VANCL, Meitu, Mogujie, Icarbonx, GuaHao, Xuanyixia, Baike Hudong, Macmillan, Robotera, and many more.
  • StartUp Pitch Sessions, Meetings with Venture Capital Investment Firms and Company Builders: Kai-Fu Lee’s Sinnovation Ventures, Softbank’s Mistletoe,  500 StartUps China, Maru180 Seoul, NAVER, NHN, Spark Labs, China Accelerator, People Squared, Innolabs etc.
  • Special Locations, Experts and Thought Leaders: Panasonic Future Experience Center, Cyberport, Speech by Asian Business Insider, SK Telecom Future Lab, Samsung Future Product Showroom, Alibaba Labs, Dinner Talk by Prof. for Digital Economy at the Tsinghua University etc.

Download our example program for an Executive Learning Journey to Tokyo Japan and Beijing China with focus on Digital Disruption here. 

For additional example programs and information feel free to contact us or request a proposal for your customised executive tour to Asia.

Management Tours to StartUp Nation Israel

tel aviv tech startup ceo tours

Digital Leaders is leading several CEO tours, CxO learning journeys and special HNW individual and investor delegations to Israel per year. Tel Aviv was ranked the #1 startup ecosystem competing with Silicon Valley. Israel is known as StartUp Nation and their passion and infrastructure for entrepreneurship and technology innovation is outstanding. Some of the largest VC funds are based in Israel investing in startups in the USA and Israel, e.g. the JVP funds have raised close to $1 Billion across nine venture capital funds.

Our Digital Leaders Executive Programs are always guided by one or more of our senior managers who not only provide deep insight on the companies and topics, but also make sure that the high-quality travel experience is met.

  • Management Meetings and Workshops at leading Israel tech companies: SimilarWeb, BillGuard, Gett, PayKey, eToro, Gigya, BillGuard, Wochit, dapulse, Conduit, Outbrain, Moovit, Waze, Google Tel Aviv, Intel R&D, Zuta Labs, Kaltura, Yevvo, Otonomic, Wix, Yotpo, AzurePCR, Fraudlogix, CoroNet etc.
  • Smart City and Autonomous Driving Startups: Mobileye, Innoviz, Oryx, Mobiwiz, Otonomo, Foresight etc.
  • StartUp Pitch Sessions, Meetings with Venture Capital Investment Firms and Company Builders: Jerusalem Ventures Partners, Pitango Capital, THE TIME Accelerator, IBM Alpha Zone, OurCrowd, iAngels, Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, The Junction, Nautilus AOL, UpWest Labs, Elevator, Citi accelerator, etc.
  • Special Locations, Experts and Thought Leaders: Founder and CEO of Tel Aviv Global, Several Sessions at Technion University Haifa, JVP Media Labs Jerusalem etc.

Download an example program overview for a full-week delegation to Israel.

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Learning Journey Nordics

Customized Learning Journey to European Innovation Hubs.

Crypto Tour – A Learning Journey to Crypto Valley Zug in Switzerland

Digital Leaders is offering learning journeys to the new innovation hub for blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICOs aka. TGE) to Zug in Switzerland.

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